My portfolio work

The weablets

The weablets are a few characters I designed for fun.
All designed to show a certain emotion, I plan on going more in depth in some of these characters,
to show more aspects of their emotional spectrum.

Character portrait

A character portrait I made for a customer who wanted a drawing of himself.
He wanted to be rather cartooney ish, so I started to try out a few different head shapes,
to see wich ones fit best with how the customer looked.

Mono faces

A couple of faces I wanted to draw using only black, white and an accent color.

Logo design DirectVideo

This is abit of the process I went through designing a logo for a company an acquaintance was starting
I certainly wanted to design something with a playhead arrow in it.
And after a few itterations this is what the customer and I decided on using.

Butterfly skins

A butterfly I designed halfway through my first internship at Basesgames.
we were making a game about venus fly traps that had to eat bugs to stay alive.
but to make things less repetitive I decided on making some variations wich could later be reused in the animations I made for them.


These little tiny fuzzy hairballs I call puffels.
I made them in my free time when I had the idea of tiny vibrant creatures who change their hair color based on the way they are feeling.

Shop screen of CoinLab

During my second internship at Gamistry games, I worked on a mobile pachinco game called Coinlab crazy coin experiment.
Most of the time I was busy drawing and polishing the backgrounds or level building.
but I also got the chance to make some game assets like these shop icons, were the player could buy more coins to play more levels to get more coins!?
crazy right?

Koning Babbel App Icon

This is the design process of an appIcon I made, for an applied game for children.
I made the owl as a guide for in the game, but the customer liked it so much they wanted it to become their mascot!.
so I tried out a few things with it, making sure everything was still clear even on small devices.
And this became the end result.


During Schooltime

Crazy tree guy lip sync

Transform o blob

Games I have worked on

Munchtime 2

Coinlab; crazy coin experiment

Dashavatara; the broken balance


About me

Hi! My name is Aaron Ligthart and I'm an 21 year old artist and designer from the Netherlands.
I love to thinker, solve problems and being creative. My interests for art and games were inspired by animation.
As a child I always enjoyed watching different cartoons on television, Like Danny phantom, Fairy odd Parents, Monster allergy ect.
and later on I discovered web cartoon and animations on newgrounds and Youtube.
they all made me laugh and made me feel happy, and I realised that is something I wanted to be able to do aswell!

But then I thought, what could be more interesting then just telling a story through animation?
And for me that was to be able to take control of the characters yourself and decide on your own how the story unfolds! that's why I started studying game art at the Mediacollege Amsterdam. were I learned about the game making procces and all the different aspects of it.

As of right now next to my day job, I do freelance work for friends, family and acquaintances.
Designing logos, business cards, websites, Games and everything else creative.

If you have any questions, requests or business proposals, feel absolutely free to send me an email at
and I'l try to respond as soon as I can

My goals

Get a bachelor’s degree in animation.

Release my own artbook.

Travel and work around the world.

Show my animations to a big audience.

Create something people love.

Make people laugh!

hello you found my bottom hihi